Le BijouBijou Personal consultation-the picture shows a woman that is have a video conference call.

Sometimes shopping online can be daunting.

What do you do if you are attracted to a particular gemstone but do not know how it may suit you?

On our Le BijouBijou online Shop, we offer you a guide "Find you colour" to help you choose what gemstone could fit your skin tone. But even this is sometimes not enough to help you decide what suits you best, especially when you are attracted to more than one Le BijouBijou Jewellery.

From our experience, we are aware that a bit of guidance can help you discover that piece of jewellery that fits you perfectly. That's why we are introducing a free video consultation to help you decide what suits you best. With our expertise in gemstones and our sense of fashion and style, we can assist you with your choice.

For a free consultation, you only need to contact us at service@lebijoubijou.com, and we shall set an appointment for a consultation with our designer Maya.


If you prefer to have your unique Le BijouBijou Jewellery made with a gemstone or a charm of your choice, we offer a personalized service just for this. For further information, have a look here.