We love gemstones. Each one is unique and special. We pay a lot of attention to the choice, quality and where we buy our gems. We carefully select and purchase them from reliable sources in Europe. Since there are many well-made counterfeits on the market, we work together with a certified gemologist. He checks our gemstones for their authenticity. Please note that every stone is unique and may therefore vary slightly in colour and shape.


We believe as well in individuality, and that jewellery should be as unique as you are. Our LE BIJOUBIJOU Collections are available in a limited quantity and numbered. They are hand-crafted locally by us with the utmost attention to details. LE BIJOUBIOJOU Jewellery pieces are as unique as you are.


In Switzerland, all jewellery made of precious metal must have a hallmarked stamp. At LE BIJOUBIJOU these are the two letters B on a round disc with a diameter of 6 mm. This stamp is our responsibility mark and guarantees the correctness of the specified material compositions. The Federal Office for Precious Metals Control monitors the silver content of the jewellery. At LE BIJOUBIJOU we only use a purity level of 925 (Sterling Silver). For very stressed or delicate small individual parts, a lower degree of purity of up to 800 can be used to keep them stable. 


The metaphysical or healing properties listed are from various sources. We provide this information as a service and it is not meant to treat medical conditions. Big Picture GmbH, Le BijouBijou, does not guarantee the validity of these statements.