We are often attracted to certain gemstones and their colours. But when you feel like a child in a candy store and do not know what crystal to choose because you love them all, an option is to go for what suits your skin undertone. Skin colours range from fair to dark. You can have the same skin colour as your friend but surprisingly not the same skin undertone. The skin undertone is the colour beneath the skin’s surface.

Don’t let your skin undertone limit your options. Your skin undertone is only a guide to help you determine which gemstones colours are the most flattering choice for you. Consider the shape and texture of the piece, and choose what feels right for you.

The best way to determine your natural skin undertone is to stand under natural light and look at the veins inside your wrist. 

There are three skin undertones categories: WARM, COOL and NEUTRAL.



If the colour of your veins is green, it means you have a warm skin undertone.
Best colours for you are warm, natural tones. Consider earthy shades like cream, yellow, yellow-green, orange, orange-red, browns, reds, dark green, darker hues and a warmer version of cool colours like olive and violet-red. Yellow and Rosé Gold are your Metals.




People with cool skin undertones will have blue or purple veins.
The best colours for you are bright and lively colours. Opt for shades of purples, blues, turquoise, bluish-pinks/purples/reds and emerald green. Silver, White Gold and White Metals will illuminate your cool undertones.




When the veins on your wrists are both blue and green, then you have a neutral skin undertone. Your skin is characterized as olive, tanned, dark or honey-toned skins. You are lucky. You can choose any colour,
all gemstones and metals will look great on you.




 White and Black gems, such as Pearls, Diamonds, Moonstone, Black Onyx and Black Diamonds, are allrounders.