Embody and share around you your flair for fashion and individuality as a LE BIJOUBIJOU Ambassador.

We are so proud and happy that LE BIJOUBIJOU is part of your look. That’s why we want to honour this. As a LE BIJOUBIJOU Ambassador, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts and even get a LE BIJOUBIJOU piece of Jewellery of your choice for free. 


How does it work?

It’s simple once you have purchased a Le BijouBijou piece of Jewellery, sign-up below and be part of the LE BIJOUBJOU Ambassador Programme.

You will then receive an email with your 10% Ambassador Discount Code to share with friends and family. They can shop on our online store, getting 10% off with this code. You will then as well, receive your personal 10% Ambassador Reward Code. You can save and add up all your Ambassador Reward Codes. With ten new clients, you can have 100% off, and that’s right, you can have a LE BIJOUBIJOU Jewellery of your choice for free. 

In short: For every new client who uses your special 10% Ambassador Discount Code for their first purchase, you will receive a personal 10% Ambassador Reward Code. This Reward Code is valid once and cannot be cumulated with other discounts, vouchers or offers. 


How do I become a LE BIJOUBIJOU Ambassador? 

 Simply register below. The only condition is that you already purchased a LE BIJOUBIJOU Jewellery. 


How do I use my 10% Ambassador Reward Codes? 

It’s up to you; you decide how you want to use your 10% Ambassador Reward Codes. You can use it for each purchase, or you save them. For example, with 10 Ambassador Reward Codes, you can even have a LE BIJOUBIJOU Jewellery of your choice for free. 

There are two ways to do it:

In our online shop: send an email at: service@lebijoubijou.com.  Let us know how many codes you would like to use. We will then send you a special code with the percentage of the discounts you have chosen.  Use it for your next LE BIJOUBIJOU purchase.

We will immediately use your discount if you purchase a LE BIJOUBIJOU Jewellery from us at a Show, Market or special event. Please note that you cannot use your Ambassador Reward Codes for a purchase done in stores selling our products. Instead, contact us directly at service@lebijoubijou.com.


How long is the Ambassador Reward Code valid?

All Ambassador Programme Reward Codes and Discounts are valid without limitation.


What else should I know?

As long as the Ambassador Programme is running, you can bring as many new clients as you want. You will always receive for every new client your personal 10% Ambassador Reward Code. 

You can use your Ambassador Reward Codes and Discounts only for LE BIJOUBIJOU products purchased at LE BIJOUBIJOU. 

A new client can only use one 10% Ambassador Discount Code.

Your Ambassador Reward Codes are not transferable to another person.  

We will not pay your discount in cash. 

Once you have used your Ambassador Programme Reward Code, we will void it. 

We can change the terms of the Ambassador Programme, and you’ll find updates here.


Register here

Please mention "Ambassador-Programm" in the message field.