"I believe in individuality and that jewellery should be as unique as you are."

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, I have always been fascinated by gemstones and crystals. I loved to create jewellery for my family and friends and to bring joy into their lives.

Fashion and fabrics have also been a big passion of mine. While living in Italy, I decided to learn fashion design to learn more about cuts and textiles and how they flatter the body.

These two passions motivated me to create my jewellery brand, LE BIJOUBJOU. As the creative head of LE BIJOUBIJOU, I find my inspiration through gemstones, their colours, shapes and energy, and the diversity of fashion. I aim to create timeless pieces with a trendy twist that inspires you to create your look and makes you feel good.

The attention to detail and the quality of the gems and materials make LE BIJOUBIJOU so unique. Each piece is hand-made in Switzerland and is available only in limited quantity.