Maya Linda Baumgartner, the creative head and co-founder of LE BIJOUBIJOU, has always been fascinated by gemstones and crystals, creating jewellery for her family and friends, and bringing joy to her surroundings.

Furthermore, fashion and fabrics have always been a big passion of hers.
While living in Italy, Maya studied Fashion Design to know more about cuts, textile's fluidity, and how they flatter the body. At the right moment, a dream became a reality. Uniting both passions, gemstones and fashion, LE BIJOUBIJOU came to life. 

We believe in individuality, and that jewellery should be as unique  as you are. Our Le BijouBijou Collections are available only in a limited quantity and numbered. They are hand-made locally in Switzerland with the utmost care and love for stones and fashion.

At LE BIJOUBIJOU, we are passionate about gemstones, their colours, shapes, the energy they hold and how they may affect our moods and lives. We also love the diversity of fashion and how we can all create our style.  These two elements guide us in making timeless pieces intended to bring joy and happiness.