Image for the Le BijouBijou Blog - Feeling stressed? Back view of a women in front of her computer. She seems tired and overwhelmed.

There are days we need a little help to relieve some stress and find some calm.

If, on such a day, you have no time to do yoga, go out for a jog or meditate, why not look into your jewellery box and wear a gem that could support you to bring some calmness to deal with what's happening around you. 

Gems and crystals are not only beautiful to the eyes, but they hold exceptional properties. Some are particularly helpful to relieve stress and find some stillness to think clearly.

We have chosen six crystals to help you deal with stress and find more ease in your day.



Amethyst and its calming hues are said to be a natural tranquillizer. It is our saviour on days we feel under pressure, and it seems that everything is going wrong. It helps to release negative energy as well as stress and irritability. Amethyst opens and cools the mind. Reach for it when you need to think clearly.


Blue Lace Agathe

On days you feel like communication with others is not flowing easily, and the tension around is high, the soft light Blue Lace Agathe is an excellent choice to turn to. This crystal will help you speak up, bringing clarity, determination and self-confidence.



Kyanite is a symbol of spiritual wellness; it's like a quick fix for the soul. This crystal is known for aligning all your chakras. The blue colouring will instantly calm and soothe you. 


Lava Stone

While it may come from the earth's most energetic spot, the Lava Stone is one of the most grounding crystals for anxiety. It can immediately wipe away all that bad energy around you and bring you inner positivity.


Rose Quartz

During stressful times, compassion and self-care are essential for everyone. The Rose Quartz is a great reminder and a powerful crystal for balancing emotions and keeping us centred.


Red Tiger Eye

The Red Tiger Eye is grounding, and it is there to lend a hand when you feel anxious and overwhelmed. This stones helps you move forward, and it assists you when you need to make choices and think objectively.


If today is a day you need a little support, take a minute to think about what gem/crystal you need right now and wear it.