The best way to keep your pearls lustrous is to wear them. They look good in many different looks, from casual to chic. Once in a while, they need some tender loving care. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your pearls:

Put them on last and take them off first

Like many other gemstones, pearls hate perfume, make-up, lotion and hair spray. Wear them as the final touch of your look of the day.

After every wear, gently wipe them 
To remove any build-up, transpiration, excess oils or dirt that may have come in contact with your pearls during the day, with a soft cloth, gently wipe them.

If needed, clean them with a damp cloth
If you see that your pearls are stained, use some lukewarm water mixed with a few drops of mild dish soap and wipe them clean with a soft cloth. Do not submerge them in water. Once cleaned, let them dry before storing them.

How to store them 

Pearls should be stored flat; to avoid scratches, keep them away from other objects or jewellery. Wrap them in a soft cloth or a pouch. Do not store them in an airtight container like a plastic bag. Pearls need moisture.

Consider as well
Even if pearls come from the water, do not go for a swim or take a shower with them. Avoid hanging your pearls on a hook. And allow your pearls to rest every two to three years or once a year if you wear them weekly.