women holding in her hand various crystals and gems

Nature holds fantastic powers. Plants, flowers and herbs have for centuries been used for their healing powers. The mineral riches have as well incredible powers. You might have asked yourself, why am I so attracted to this gemstone or crystal? Or you might have noticed that depending on how you feel; you might want to wear a piece of jewellery with a particular gem more than another.

From ancient times, gemstones have been prized for their beauty and their healing powers. The Egyptians, Aztecs, and other great civilizations have incorporated gems into their lives and used healing stones in jewellery, cosmetics, amulets, statues, and much more.
Both our bodies and gemstones hold energetic vibrations. That is why we are naturally receptive to their vibrations since we can align their vibrations with ours.

Formed deep within the heart of the Earth, from the many transformations over millions of years, gemstones hold great wisdom. Understanding the meaning of crystals and gemstones and their specific properties will not only bring you joy and beauty, but you will be able to indulge in their energy.

When you cannot choose between a particular gemstone, follow your intuition. You cannot go wrong. In our BB Gem Glossary, you will find some information on gemstones' metaphysical or healing properties. We will also dedicate some blogs on specific energies and needs, such as what gem should you wear to clear some stress away or attract success.